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Malaysia is one of the most vibrant countries in Southeast Asia, where it offers many advantages as an investment destination. The robust economic growth has positioned itself as the ideal gateway for foreign investors to enter the other markets in the region. Malaysia offers opportunities and capabilities across the value chain, from manufacturing to distribution or technical expertise in the services sector.

Source : New Straights Time, Malaysia remains an attractive investment destination for the US. 6th April, 2018

Another attractive point is ease of starting a business in Malaysia where it only requires 3 procedures, less than 7 days and costs only 7.2% of income per capita in fees. Also, the government pro business environment has provided many incentives, grants and tax benefits to investors in Malaysia.

Looking at the country’s GDP, the domestic demand in Malaysia contributes to more than half of its GDP. Coupled with the government’s efforts, the market offers thriving opportunities for companies providing consumer goods and services which will, in turn, ease the cost of living. Furthermore,

Malaysia is well-recognised as a global leader in Islamic financial services, according to the Global Islamic Finance Report 2016 (GIFR 2016), after overtaking Iran in terms of the Islamic Finance Country Index (IFCI).

  1. Easy and Fast incorporation process, set up a company within 3 days of submission of relevant details and documents.
  2. Low cost business environment with lucrative opportunities to expand business growth.
  3. Government provides pro business environment to business owners and investors. Attractive tax incentives and vast opportunities.
  4. Global leader in Islamic financial services, excel in other financial services and have a wide pool of talented workforce.

Incorporation in Malaysia takes only minimum 2-3 days if all documents are submit promptly to relevant parties. Check out our incorporation package to learn more.

In conclusion Malaysia provides you a low cost environment to operate your business while still offering many lucrative opportunities

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