Employment Pass



What do you need?

Requirement for setting up company


  • Minimum of 1 Resident Director

  • Minimum of 1 Company Secretarial personnel

  • Minimum of 1 Shareholder

  • Local office address

  • Paid-up capital of 1 SG

In short, foreign individual whom are seeking to incorporate their company and relocate to Singapore must obtain a legitimate work visa/employment pass.

It is designed for managers, executives, specialists and other skilled professionals who wish to work in Singapore.

Additionally, individual should have a fixed salary of at least 3,600 SGD and a valid qualification (i.e., recognized diploma/degree, relevant experience and skills, professional qualification.

Additional factor such as good job profile, salary, work experience, good employer track record, high company paid-up capital and tax contribution, possess strategic and in-demand skills in relevant industries will increase the chance of successful application.

1. Submit Application for incorporation of company and request for employment pass

2.Prepare and drafting of relevant documents. Upon incorporating the company, business owner can then submit application of employment pass. 

3. Collection of pass and relocate to Singapore. 



  • If you are a foreign individual who wishes to incorporate a Singapore company and relocate to Singapore, the following must be fulfilled:
  • Incorporate your Singapore company and use a local resident nominee director on a temporary basis until you secure your Employment Pass
  • Apply and secure your Employment Pass then transfer the directorship.
  • Then you can start your business after relocating to Singapore.
  • All company registration including work pass application can be handled without you having to be in Singapore.

P1 Employment Pass – applicable for senior level managers, managing directors, CEO, CFO, Specialist with a legitimate qualifications and fixed monthly salary of at least 8,000 SGD.