Offshore incorporation

It is possible to set up a company offshore in locations such as

  • British Virgin Island
  • Hong Kong
  • Seychelles
  • Labuan


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What does incorporating a offshore company mean to business owner?

Company are entitled to receives certain financial, legal and tax benefits for being registered, managed and operated in a foreign country. However, business owner should still consider the cost and ease of maintaining the operation in offshore jurisdictions.

Reasons why you should look out for an offshore company

  1. Attractive Tax Policy
  2. Efficient tax planning and Estate Planning
  3. Secured and enhanced privacy (e.g. bank accounts)
  4. Lucrative Returns on investments
  5. Expansion of company with potential new shareholders, stakeholders and investor.
  6. Your offshore company can be your main asset/investment holding company with exemption from stamp duty and capital gains.
  7. Development of Intellectual Property such as trademark, pattern and logo, as well as websites, domain for offshore use.

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Business Owners can get absolute advantage from offshore companies in terms of

  1. Investment and Trading
  2. Asset and Investment Holding
  3. Professional advisory and consultancy
  4. IPs Management


note* All offshore incorporation can be done without business owner having to be at the intent jurisdiction.


Offshore Banking

Business owner are often allowed and encourage to have an offshore company and bank account because most nations facilitate international trade to promote growth in the global economy.

Offshore Incorporation entitles business owner corporate banking benefits, with secured online banking facilities as well as the capability to do external and internal transfers. Banking services will be provided by established banks in various jurisdiction (e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore).



What are the advantages to Incorporate an Offshore Company?

Business owner seeking to expand their business and venturing towards the global market need to be constantly finding creative solutions and effective strategy to ensure the flow of profit.

Among all the solutions for business owner, setting up an offshore company would be a direct and simple way to ensure the business have a strong advantage in terms of its taxation and security. An Offshore Company is usually set up in a locations like the British Virgin Islands (BVI), Seychelles Islands, and Hong Kong due to their tax policies; whereby there are no corporate or personal income taxes, capital gains taxes, reporting requirements, or restrictions on company employment policies. Therefore, business owner should always be on the look out and have a wide knowledge on the advantages of setting up an offshore foreign corporations.

Things to note*

Offshore Companies are only advantages if business owner  operate their business outside of the incorporated jurisdiction as incomes coming in and from the incorporated country are taxable but not income from overseas transaction.

For instances, business owner doing business in Hong Kong are required to pay certain tax in Hong Kong if the company is incorporated in Hong Kong; while the profit of the Hong Kong incorporated company doing business in other countries will not be taxable.

A offshore jurisdiction is normally known for its attractive tax policy, which actively promote itself to business owner to take advantage of its accessibility of  corporate tax planning and mitigation. These locations facilitate global and international trade by having low tax rate to attract foreign investor that seek to gain maximum profit in their businesses as a higher tax rate would be needed to be paid in other countries.